thoughts on collage

I have always worked in collages as a medium for sketching, rapidly taking chucks of separate realities to form a new one. Seriously I stared to work in the medium when I moved to the Czech Republic and living space was scarce. I began to notice that with this increased concentration to the medium, the pieces were not just sketches anymore, but stand alone pieces. With a bit of digital enhancement and good quality printing, the pieces become more flowing and uniform than in their original stage. The physical-ness of collage-making appears disarmingly simple so that their significance easily escapes notice. When they are taken together, as an integrated series of transformations, a quite surprising symbolism appears. The activities entailed in making and physically transforming collages can then be seen to embody the logic of psychological development. These activities comprise an extended metaphor: they symbolize the growth of the human mind.

collages by mikrez, michal rezanka digital

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