Godfrey Blow, Australian Painter

painting, oil painting, mixed media painting, old masters painting, surreal, expressionist, digital manipulation, figural, erotic,
Godfrey Blow is an artist who has had many solo exhibitions beginning with his first in London in 1976 and whose work is held by several major and regional galleries, principally in Western Australia. ln addition he has taken part in numerous mixed exhibitions in Western Australia, New South Wales and the United Kingdom. He has also won several prestigious awards in Western Australia. Blow was born in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire in 1948. He trained as an artist at Sheffield Hallam University in England and came to Western Australia in 1982.

His most recent work is concerned with exploring symbols derived from natural forms that give an insight into the nature of existence. The artist believes that the truth is just as likely to be found in mythology and as relevant to our appreciation of the world as scientific facts. Although elements in the work are highly personal, the images used will strike a universal chord. The development of a more spiritual approach to his painting is becoming increasingly significant. Although spiritual in nature the work is not religious and seeks to understand the world in a meaningful way.

The work is also concerned with responding to natural events that shape our lives. The sudden and recent death of the artist’s parents has had a profound influence on his work. The inevitability of death which is perhaps still a taboo in our society, is dealt with in several of the artist’s later work. This is not to say that the paintings depict a pessimistic view of the world. The work, in fact, presents life in all of its various facets and hopefully touches part of our intellect and emotions.

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