fantastical queens

fantastical queens, gay, mikrez, fantasy
Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier from Switzerland are the name behind “alexandfelix“. “Thirteen Queens”, is their latest work: an universe presided over by fantastical queens, everyone with rules and a symbolic value. This poetic point of view express an unique style.
“Without the use of computers, Alex and Felix hand make every detail of these images in a multi-faceted process that is both painstaking and impassioned. ” 

Alex Gertschen和Felix Meier 來自瑞士, 他們是“alexandfelix”這個名字的來源。 “十三皇后”是他們的最新作品:一個由數位皇后統治的虛擬宇宙,每位的規則和象徵意義皆不同 充滿詩意的表達了他們獨特的風格。“不需使用電腦,Alex和Felix用手工完成每一個細節,這些圖像多層面的製作過程,既是艱苦也充滿激情。“

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