Le Grand Macabre

I got turned onto this by Aarvard Farmer, a review folows…modern day Bosch…
In the early 80s it seemed a wonderfully anarchic, surreal experience, which paid its debts to the whole history of opera while administering the kick up the backside the art form so badly needed. Now it’s nothing like so dangerous, sexy or outrageous. Whether this black comedy about the end of the world – the grim reaper, aka Nekrotzar, arrives in Breughelland ready to consign its dissolute population to perdition, but is too drunk and incapable to do the deed – could ever still generate the frisson it did is hard to guess, but what’s certain is that the spectacular ENO staging by the Catalan theatre company La Fura dels Baus, first seen in Brussels earlier this year, does little to remove the longueurs.
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