John Santerineross………..Dream Fruit of the Secret God

photo, surreal, psycho, figural
photo, figural, sex, eros, surreal
John Santerineross is an image-maker who does not like to be classified or categorized. He prefers to let the viewer decide and define. His interest now is in the still image, but sees himself moving into art films. Never one to rest on his successes, he strives to push himself and explore all that his mind conjures, until that day arrives where he no longer dreams and can finally rest. 

John’s work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, and is hailed as “the world’s leading dark-art photographer of our time” by media, fans and fellow artists. He has been greatly influenced by the Symbolists, but his imagery has been primarily inspired by his exposure to Catholicism and Santeria as a child and by his fascination with Greek mythology and world religions. John Santerineross’ first book, Fruit of the Secret God, introduced his powerful images to the world in 1999. After forcing fans wait for five years, he has recently released the anxiously awaited sequel, Dream, in October 2004. This commanding new book is an exploration of John’s dream imagery and iconography through the use of the photographic medium.

A mixture of Ira Joel Witkin, early surrealists, DaDa, Bunuel and a slew of others…

all images © John Santerineross

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