Elena fom Kyiv, Ukraine

photo female kiev ukraine
… “Nothing has yet been erased…” are the words of Julio Cortázar, from the short story “Graffiti” – I live every day of my life by this phrase. As long as I can see and capture the world in my memories and on film, then nothing is erased and it will continue to exist even though much of the visible reality is fleeting in existence and ceases just seconds following the click of my shutter.

At times I regret not becoming a painter, for they compose their own realm while we photographers are limited to that which has already come to be. Nonetheless, despite this inevitability and the envy which it spawns, I hang on to the hope within my soul that through my camera I will eventually capture that which I have been searching for – an alternate reality to that which surrounds us..

To those Don Quixotes who to this day believe that the world pines for truth and beauty – given that truth is not beauty – I salute the truth, and not beauty.

Regarding Photography and Myself:

Photography is what nurtures my love for this world and continues to make my existence within it worthwhile. It has called on me to reassess life – to arm myself only with my camera and leave the rest behind. With its help I began to learn how to love and understand those around me.

Photography challenged me to put down my phone, pick up my camera, and immerse myself into the life of either my own, or some other, alien city. As I disengage myself from the mundane, I dissolve into my fantasies seeking to find their reflections within the actual and to capture these reflections on film as proof of their existence. Believing in the alternate reality that is hidden somewhere beneath the smear of our awareness, I am euphoric when I am able to capture the moment when it reveals even a shred of its presence.

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