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In the digital age we often hear that a new media will soon erase the previous. Painting was supposed to be killed by photography, never happened…digital photography will displace classical techniques. NOT. It enhances, adds another medium to artists disposal and never fades away, more often than not it’s reigning beauty shines brighter…

Although I began photography many years ago, my serious pursuit of the landscape began in 2000.  My interest in the landscape stems from my unabashed love of the world’s wild and natural places and my desire to preserve them.

Being in the wild and photographing helps me find peace and solitude and is my spiritual time.  Growing up around the Great Lakes I’ve always been attracted to water and big skies. I now live within a few hours of the greatest of the lakes, Lake Superior, which is a constant inspiration.

Like many photographers of the natural world, I photograph at the boundaries of the day.  It’s those times of day when the light and atmospheric conditions are changing and the scene becomes transcendent. Literal and metaphorical “boundaries” are the basis for much of my work,  I’m drawn to the boundaries of space, time and being.

I consider myself a printer, in addition to a photographer.  Although I embrace new digital technologies my heart is with traditional 100+ year old handmade wet  processes such as Platinum, Palladium and Gum Dichromate. The broad and rich tonal range of the platinum process creates a unique beauty. Platinum prints are renowned for their luminous mid-tone grays, as well as their rich shadows and delicate whites. The platinum metals (platinum and palladium) are very stable, and platinum prints are perhaps the most archival process in photography.

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