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Vila SpiderHawk and her husband live in the woods of Pennsylvania in a log home that they designed. Their six cats and their many woodland friends provide additional company. She has a BA in women’s studies and French and did her graduate work in education. She has taught French in college and in public schools. While raised in Philadelphia, she has lived in Virginia, Georgia, New York, and Connecticut.

“When the children were bedded in the huts the women relaxed near the fire. They talked for a while, their voices flat and practical, about the upcoming travel. And, when they had planned all they could think of to plan, they fell silent, their faces glowing with firelight and the luxury of abundant food. Then Harugi’s voice, silver-white in the full moon’s cold, floated out of the women’s silence. Like the ghost of a memory from another life, she chanted a slow tribal hymn. The women joined in. And, cozy in our beds and drowsy with food, the children hummed along, repeating the familiar words in our minds. Some of the women mopped their eyes as they sang, their voices thick with longing. Holding each other and swaying dreamily, they chanted the same hymn over and over until their praying paled to sleep. I lay for a few moments listening to the slumber. Then Urat’s weary whisper hoarsely scraped across my ear.

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  • avto  On 04/13/2011 at 18:29

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  • Allison Kendal  On 04/24/2011 at 20:05

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