A Special Lady….

Hi there!!Well, still not a hundred percent, but felt this urge to write to you for a long time.

Yes, times were bad, actually getting bad for quite some time, almost a year. Finance and work issues and the feeling of aloneness all just got to me. You know, I used to know so may people here in Praha, but it is a transient, party town, so many of my closest are either dead, maimed or just gone. Just the feeling of me against this weird world….

So signs that I was breaking down were long in coming and things just reached a boiling point. I was actually so freaked out by outside influences I could not control that I was at a crossroad. Either end it all by suicide or check into the sanatorium for a while. I opted for the latter and must say, one of the best things I have done..ever. 3 weeks in total isolation, no TV, radio, mobil, Internet. Just quiet, lots of therapy, writing, joga and meditation. Really did the trick and even though the problems of the outside world did not subside, they seem more manageable now.
But I thought about you often, also in the terms if these long term, long distance cyber friendships are really friendships after all. I have always considered friendships with someone close by, most close people to me are far, far away. But there is that ever strong spiritual connection, even over cyberspace.And in my isolation I thought of you often, you were in |Costa, meditating, away from this materialistic society and to be honest, I was jealous…wish I was there also. Not sure how you did it, not sure how I will do it, just need to live in an alternative atmosphere with like minded people like you and not sure of just how to go about doing it…any ideas?
  We sort of known each other a long time and have very common roots, Seattle, Bellingham…even the old MySpace.
I am not trying to come onto you, nor coax you with vain shallow flattery. But just wanted to say that you are a very important lady in my life, inspirational, beautiful inside as well as outside…and to be honest, a bit jealous of your lifestyle compared to mine. This may seem like gibberish, just had to write it to you since that is how I felt.I do hope we may meet in person someday, if that is our destiny, certainly hope to stay in regular touch for a long time.

You are a magnificent woman Adri and it is an honor to have your friendship and support during difficult times. You are very special to me.

Much Love!!!

love, peace, namaste, budhism, sealle, bellingham, costa rica, adore

Karma Experiment – Pay it Forward

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