…has always been one of the kindest, most human of humans I have known…

 I have known Ralph for many years, dating back to the Golden Era of Art School. We have libved through many a good times, many a bad, but has always been one of the kindest, most human of humans I have known…
 acrylic on plexiglass urban fright isolation
 My figurative paintings are part of a series that explores the decline of ethical valuesin an increasingly corporate world. In a culture where greed is paramount, a subtle climate of bias slowly emerges as compassion and humanity wither away. I am attempting to convey a sense of isolation and sterility, using bold and brilliant colors depicting city streets contrasted with lone figures.My other works utilize an organic approach and illustrate the molecular realm of the human body and the potential cohabitation of disease and infection. These meditations and the sudden loss of a sibling have inspired this series, which explores the theme of mortality intertwined with biology. This motif confronts the uncertainty and impermanence of life.Being handicapped is comparable to living in sustained crisis. After almost 35 years as an amputee, I eventually came to the realization that in spite of the inherent stress accompanying my disability, my response to challenging circumstances has been decidedly focused towards formulating solutions. My ability to ignore most everything else and concentrate solely on the immediacy of the situation has served as an effective coping mechanism. However, my single-minded approach ignored the inevitable anxieties resulting from such experiences.I rarely depict a direct allusion to my disability; however when I have, the style and intent of the artwork changes very little. I am very deliberate in the continuous use of the lone man. When I lost my leg, I consciously knew that my life had changed completely. I soon realized and accepted that my friends would grow distant and ultimately leave me behind.

My intention is to convey a more subliminal approach to the content of the work and I do not directly address my feeling regarding being a cancer survivor. My abstract series best represents my feeling on surviving cancer. For me it seems a total miracle that I am a survivor, yet I have also seen friends and family not survive cancer and this fact has both troubled and humbled me. I often think about how things could have turned out and most every day I am reminded of my anomalous survival.

The sentiments I instill into my art link directly to my subconscious and help reestablish a vital connection to my inner emotions. The end result is a deeper understanding of the path that has shaped my art, and ultimately, myself.

plexiglass artist huan urban plight
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