FaceBook’s Two Faced Censorship Policy

 I have dealt with this issue in the past and I realize that it is somewhat of a touchy subkect.But I really do not understand why FaceBook allows political extremists, neo-fascist groups, totally evil politicians like Sarah Palin, Jiří Paroubek, Kristýna Kočí and even our two-faced fake President Klaus to spew their vile filth on their site, yet a photograph of the celebration of humanity, yes with some nudity, gets one banned.Yes, it is not my site and I do not set the rules, but FB makes a lot of money from people like me ad others who are into art via their advertising.Leads one that yes, maybe FaceBook is a social site, but only for those within a certain social group, the evil 2% that have driven current society to despair and poverty, while sitting in their board rooms, sipping martininis and snorting cocaine, while artists who have it extremely tough in these repressive times are represses even more.
 I put the black censor marks, so I could at least repost it on some of my other Facebook pages as a statement of discontent.
 Here is a sie that goes into their fakeness further.

Political and religious censorship and harassment by Facebook

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