Tereza z Davle…une photographe humaniste..

Tereza a Ivana

Tereza a Ivana

I must admitt that it took me quite a while to write this post.Not sure why, something personal perhaps, maybe I experienced a meeting with a special and magical person, who knows.I have been following Tereza’s work for quite a while now..her unique vision as well as my fondness for the media she works in. We sort of kept in touch, mostly in the Praha art clique, it is not very big an somewhat closed in.Then I had the pleasure to being invited to her recent opening at Kamzik..a bar/gallery I remember well from the days I like to call when Praha was still Bohemian.I was immeditely struck by her magical personality and how it echoes in her work.I think the moment that summarizes this was at the Kamzik opening and I was outside having a smoke with an gentlemen who has been involved in the theater and was also helping behind the bar. We started chatting and he wanted to know who I was and how I knew Tereza. I told him our little history, but also stressed the fact that during the societal period in which we live in, where thieves and crooked politicians play more of a significant civilization duty that artists…people like Tereza need special care, protection from the evil and like minded souls to be around with. I even had a similar conversation with the Czech sculptor Ales Hnizdil, about the same theme.

So, since I changed the focus of this blog to concentrate on living artist I am in contact with and admire, I will showcase more of Tereza’s work as time goes on…

It was an honor to meet her.

Hotel de France Tereza z Davle

Hotel de France Tereza z Davle

Friends(Kamarádky)   Tereza z Davle

Friends(Kamarádky) Tereza z Davle

Curves Tereza z Davle

Curves Tereza z Davle

Tereza has quite a lot of press written about her, a nice synapse from Wikipedia..and of course her own website…Dětství prožila v Davli. Vystudovala střední ekonomickou školu, pracovala jako recepční nebo jako asistentka v reklamní agentuře. Většinu volného času trávila ve skupině umělců a bohémů okolo baru Kamzík v Kamzíkově ulici v Praze, kde měla své první výstavy.Začala fotografovat v roce 1993, poprvé vystavovala v roce 1996. Je samoukem, fotografuje profesionálně portréty a akty, zpravidla černobíle, na klasický film.[1][2]V současnosti se živí jako fotografka aktů, které vytváří pro soukromé účely zákaznic. Nadále pokračuje i ve volné tvorbě, kde se vedle aktů a portrétů začínají objevovat také nalezená zátiší. V roce 2009 vydala obsáhlou monografii Feminissimo.Tereza z Davle žije v Kounicích u Českého Brodu. Má dvě děti – syny Olivera a Alexandra.

I have a section on this blog for her work, I sort of had the chance of vision better to write posts about  living artists I admire, rather than staid historical pieces…Tereza ShowcaseI also wrote about her on my other blog, THE GEMS OF CZECH PHOTOGRAPHY
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