Mary Jane DAmico

I have know Mary Jane for decades. I have seen her evolve from a mediocre Illustration student to a world class textile designer par excel-lance. However, her grandiose magic comes out in her botanical ad nature aquarelles, the meticulous passion of the iridescent colorist technique. Sheer magic!


Artist’s Biography

I’ve been a working artist since I graduated from SUNY Stony Brook in 1983. My career started in visual aids for deaf children. I now work as a freelance graphic designer, mostly creating motifs for sportswear in NYC’s fashion industry. I have been an active botanical artist throughout, and have been published by the New York Botanical Garden.

I’m also a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Mary Jane D’Amico Homepage

Mary Jane D’Amico on LinkedIn

Mary Jane D’Amico on FaceBook

Elephant @Mary Jane D'Amico

Elephant @Mary Jane D’Amico

Plumeria @mary_jane_damico

Plumeria @mary_jane_damico






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