My cyber footprint, at least a partial one…


Deviant ArtMy work is very expressive, although hard to specifically pinpoint, eros and the female form, as well as playing with the borders of things is my main interests…the border between landscape/abstract, erotica/porn, depiction/interpretation.Works in private collections worldwide, looking for a gallery or rep in the EUnow.
LinkedInI have been an integral part of the development of the CEE Internet scene from 1997 to the present and have a unique and valuable overview of past, current and future trends.

Facebook” It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for what you are not.””Je lepší být nenáviděn proto, jaký jsi, než být milován proto, co nejsi.”

mikrez saatchi gallery SaatchiSaatchi has unveiled the latest generation of artistic talent in London which could benefit from patronage by one of the biggest star makers in the art world.
mikrez michal rezanka Sketches
mikrez the works michal rezanka czech republic Czech Republic Co-working in Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, Design, Advertising, New Media, Photography or Film, Marketing, as a Writer, Consultant, in Legal/Finance or any other profession?
fine art america, mikrez, michal rezanka Fine ArtAmericaThe imagination is our most mysterious aspect. It connects our conscious with our subconscious. It allows us to explore our inner self and fill that urge to understand our ever changing body, mind and universe. It is the most important part of every one of us.
photo encyclopedia archive print fotogs Fotopedia is breathing new life into photos by building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web.
The Behance Art Network


  • Cleta Sadbury  On 01/04/2011 at 20:45

    Good variety, but I think some of these may end up being stepping stones to other comprehensive offerings

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