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Vilém Heckel a Legend of Czech Photography

The Vilém Heckel Photographic Archive
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

If there ever was a individual whose work has irrevocably made a historical, unique and irrevocable contribution not only to Czech but world photography, the man is Vïlém Heckel.His fundamental passionate love of nature, sport and especially the high mountains provided the lifetime passion of mountaineering photography. Ironically, his love for photographing mountains, especially monumental mountain ranges unfortunately also became his destiny.

Vilém Heckel Kavkaz  Photo Photographic Archive

Vilém Heckel Kavkaz 1958
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

Vilém Heckel was born in 1918 in Pilsen into the family of Adolf Heckel , a crane operator for Skoda Plzen, who himself was a devout tourists and passionate photographer who had no idea that he would predestine the career of his son.In 1936, Wilhelm Heckel studied in Pilsen as a trade photographer, specializing in portraits and began working in small photography studios. After that he became the trade photographer in Zbrojovka Brno and the Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce in Prague.

He also devoted his time to commercial photography in his work, concentrating on cars, motorcycles, electronics, etc., yet this body of his work is largely unknown and unrecognized.In 1949 he was admitted to the photographic section of the Association of Czechoslovak Creative Artists. .

Vilém Heckel Commercial Photography
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

In the fifties, he began to actively commit himself to mountain climbing. He successfully completes his first major ascents and along with his cameras discovers and captures the instrumentality of primordial nature, the magical majesty of the mountains and discovers his personal gift that gives these photographs a story and humanist relevance In 1956, he eaves his regular day job and fully devotes himself to his freelance photography. Finally, he can now fully and freely devote himself to his beloved mountains and travel, local and world wide expeditions and trips.He publishes first publication, “Our mountains” .In 1960 he has his first public exhibition in Prague of a collection of his photographs from the Caucasus. 

The Vilém Heckel Photographic Archive

Vilém Heckel Linhof
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

In the sixties, he publishes a series of monograms with the following titles- Journeys to the High Peaks, Kingdom of the Sun and Ice Expedition Caucasus, Hindu Kush, The Stairs of the Universe and others.On 23rd April 1970, he departs on an expedition to Peru to climb the mountain range surrounding Huascaran. Tragically, on May 31st, he and his friends and expedition climbing partners died in mountaineering camp avalanche of mud and rocks during an earthquake under the mountain of Huascaran.

Vilém Heckel HINDÚKUŠ 1965
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

The focus and themes of Wilhelm Heckel’s work does not only mountains. He created a monumental body of work encompassing excellent portraits, unparalleled architecture, urban atmosphere, winding streets, intimate moments and those magical yet sometimes fleeting moments that landscape provides.In Trento, in the competition of Vitorio Sella, he won the top award for mountaineering photography..During his lifetime he published 10 books, many of which have been translated in numerous languages.The photographs of Wilhelm Heckel continue to be posthumously published in a memorial book as well as other publications, which confirm his constant relevance, importance and actuality.He and his wife Milada and daughters Eva and Helena lived in Cernosice near Prague.

Among his close friends were the writers Ota Pavel, Arnost Lustig, Arnost Černík; the world renowned athlete Emil Zatopek, Frantisek Stastny, the screenwriter and director Francis Pojdl; and world class mountaineers Radan Kuchař, Bohumil Svatos, Jan Červinka.

His artistic and human sensitivity, technical excellence, diligence, hard work, courage and exclusivity, have ranked Wilhelm Heckel among the leading Czech and international photographers for generations to come.

Vilém Heckel with the the renowned Czech Photographer Josef Sudek 1960
© Vilém Heckel, Helena Heckelová

For Sales Inquiries, Gallery Representation or Co-operation, Exhibits, please contact The Vilém Heckel Photographic Archive Director: Helena Heckelová




Tereza z Davle…une photographe humaniste..

Tereza a Ivana

Tereza a Ivana

I must admitt that it took me quite a while to write this post.Not sure why, something personal perhaps, maybe I experienced a meeting with a special and magical person, who knows.I have been following Tereza’s work for quite a while now..her unique vision as well as my fondness for the media she works in. We sort of kept in touch, mostly in the Praha art clique, it is not very big an somewhat closed in.Then I had the pleasure to being invited to her recent opening at Kamzik..a bar/gallery I remember well from the days I like to call when Praha was still Bohemian.I was immeditely struck by her magical personality and how it echoes in her work.I think the moment that summarizes this was at the Kamzik opening and I was outside having a smoke with an gentlemen who has been involved in the theater and was also helping behind the bar. We started chatting and he wanted to know who I was and how I knew Tereza. I told him our little history, but also stressed the fact that during the societal period in which we live in, where thieves and crooked politicians play more of a significant civilization duty that artists…people like Tereza need special care, protection from the evil and like minded souls to be around with. I even had a similar conversation with the Czech sculptor Ales Hnizdil, about the same theme.

So, since I changed the focus of this blog to concentrate on living artist I am in contact with and admire, I will showcase more of Tereza’s work as time goes on…

It was an honor to meet her.

Hotel de France Tereza z Davle

Hotel de France Tereza z Davle

Friends(Kamarádky)   Tereza z Davle

Friends(Kamarádky) Tereza z Davle

Curves Tereza z Davle

Curves Tereza z Davle

Tereza has quite a lot of press written about her, a nice synapse from Wikipedia..and of course her own website…Dětství prožila v Davli. Vystudovala střední ekonomickou školu, pracovala jako recepční nebo jako asistentka v reklamní agentuře. Většinu volného času trávila ve skupině umělců a bohémů okolo baru Kamzík v Kamzíkově ulici v Praze, kde měla své první výstavy.Začala fotografovat v roce 1993, poprvé vystavovala v roce 1996. Je samoukem, fotografuje profesionálně portréty a akty, zpravidla černobíle, na klasický film.[1][2]V současnosti se živí jako fotografka aktů, které vytváří pro soukromé účely zákaznic. Nadále pokračuje i ve volné tvorbě, kde se vedle aktů a portrétů začínají objevovat také nalezená zátiší. V roce 2009 vydala obsáhlou monografii Feminissimo.Tereza z Davle žije v Kounicích u Českého Brodu. Má dvě děti – syny Olivera a Alexandra.

I have a section on this blog for her work, I sort of had the chance of vision better to write posts about  living artists I admire, rather than staid historical pieces…Tereza ShowcaseI also wrote about her on my other blog, THE GEMS OF CZECH PHOTOGRAPHY

change of focus…

I sort of had the notion, when I started this blog, to  have sections hat would deal with sort of historical fixtures from the past I admired. Now my focus has changed and would rather devote sections to living artists whose work I admire and whose work is close to  my heart…

Tereza z Davle, Dreamgirl (Dívka snů)

Tereza z Davle, Dreamgirl (Dívka snů)

Tereza z Davle

haunting, yet ever so inviting

repulse, daguerre, type, evil, surreal
Mark Kessell’s visual work grabbed me immediately when I saw it. The blend of repulsion and simultaneous attraction is feverishly strong here, uncomfortable subject matter presented in a raw, utterly original style… 

We seem, often, to be collectively suffering a cognitive version of Anton-Babinski syndrome, (sometimes known as “Anton’s Delusion”) a rare brain disorder in which a blind person denies their disability and behaves as if they can see – often with disastrous consequences.


crooked landlord…

An illegal rental (co-operative bldg), flooded out 12 months ago (never repaired), no working toilet or hot water faucets, tax fraud….totally bitch of a landlady….only 11.000,- per months, 2 months security…


PhDr. Alena Čejková  +420 603 889 335

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crooked landlord, illegal rental, corrupt, tax evation

oh Denise…

photo figural children portait
Denise Grunstein began her career in photography by working in black and white. Since then, she spent many years working with advertising and feature photography.

Her images are easily recognized for their characteristic, intensely present, highly personal and quite romantic artistic expression.

She is one of the best known and most highly respected profiles in Swedish photography.
Her images are easily recognized for their characteristic, intensely present, highly personal and quite romantic artistic expression.

Considered one of Sweden´s foremost portrayers of people, be they models, actors, dancers, directors or authors, she has a unique ability to imprint her own feelings and temperament on film. Besides people, nature has been another main source of inspiration for Denise throughout her career, with much of her most powerful work distiguished by often subtle natural romantic elements. Denise Grunstein works in her very own lifestyle tradition, always with strong fashion sense, regardless of project and commission.

She has staged a large number of high profile solo exhibitions and contributed to numerous celebrated books. For her personal art work, Denise is represented by Galleri Charlotte Lund.


masters of photography

phptography, diane arbus, femminist, surreat, society
Photography, more than any other medium, falls prey to confusion over the nature of the viewing experience, over the relationship of subject matter to image. We forget all too easily that the subject matter in a photograph is experienced by the viewer only at second hand, thus ensuring it to be a vicarious experience exclusively. What the viewer really encounters when looking at a photograph is a two-dimensional sheet of paper, the surface of which is marked by shapes and tones that function as signs and symbols. This is the viewer’s actual experience.

John A Benigno runs this fine photography blog out of Philadelphia, support him!!


twisted lamb photo blog…

great photo blog, eros, foto
The lovely Mary Lee via Twisted Lamb! 

I have been following the musings of Miss Mary Lee for some time now and am constantly blown away by the imagery she collects. Her tastes match up with my own personal aesthetic just precisely {as you shall soon see}. Twisted Lamb captures avant-garde fashion photography and is often representative of the dark goddesses that crawl through the world. Don’t take my word for it; her blog has also stolen the heart of the one and only Kanye West {who actually phoned her to prove it was in fact he who was leaving her compliments on the work she does.} What a bitchin’ babe. Thanks !


mysterious daria endersen…

figure mysterious surreal akt
Being her own model adds a dimension that includes a fantasy that is most unusual. It speaks of solitude and suffering, but not sadness.

Oaktrees grow to be hundreds of years old. They only have to produce one single tree every hundred years in order to procreate.. The acorns fell on the roof then too.. they kept falling and falling.. and dying and dying.. And I understood that everything that used to be beautiful about Eden was perhaps hideous.. Now I could hear what I couldn’t hear before –

the cry of all the things that are to die.

daria endresen

Paranoia and fear

Paranoia and fear, that is what we, lone human beings are reduced to…
Somehow these issues are even more disparate here, even as far as unemployment in time of need goes…there basically isn’t any. Even if you do get it, it is a ridiculously low amount that only lasts you 6 months and to get by you are basically forced into a black/grey market economy just to pay the friggin rent and a package of ramen noodles, just to have something in your stomach…

Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous labor reps and their equipment, I almost lost my unemployment when some documentation I sent could not be opened on their comp…and it was just a simple text file…wtf…
And we are a country that slashes the highest amount from people’s salaries for so called “social” fees, and then get the least back out of anyone in the EU???

But more below the belt is, as you hint, this total switch into selfishness it brings onto people…lose your job and people not only divorce themselves from you, they stay away as though you are bringing the black plague onto them. And I won’t even start to comment on any family relations…

I’m sort of in a mind frame, ok, work, no notion of career, just gather up some reserves so you can last for a year or two if next time, or figure out a place on this silly planet that isn’t all that fucked up and move there…..the problem is, does such a place exist??

I’m ranting a bit, I know, but it is just so bewildering….

peace! 🙂


I still have not adapted to things the way they are. What bothers me is how paranoid I have become after getting fired and rehired. It seems like everything is about keeping the job and I really have not gotten a handle on my emotions. I never took the job thing all that seriously before, but know I find myself worrying way to much about this shit. I’ve had this CIA job now for 3 years, but I still feel like I’m just hanging on. I figured it might be helpful for you to know how I have delt with this and hopefully you will not have as bad a time as I have. I think you are like me in that you probably never paranoia about work. I found it has been something of a shock. But lately, I’ve been doing better at thinking about other things other than work, so maybe I’m finally getting a grip on this. In the end it is good that you have gotten another job, but beware of the effects all this will have on you. I was totally not prepared and it took a while to even figure out what was troubling me. It is like being forced to be a different person. You want to fight it, but it’s almost impossible to not worry. Anyway, I hope you now have full benefits and such. That alone is valuable.


I hear that.  Relief, indeed. But with the waning of ever present
nervousness that has become so everyday, feel just how ragged both
mentally and physically I am.

Seriously, thought I would end up on the street or lose it and get
incarnated in a loony bin were fucking real….
society is just so fucked up now.

society, evil, social, fear, paranoia

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