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Suicide is a very special instance of death.
The term is defined in the dictionary as sui (of oneself) and cide(kill) in English,
Selbsmord(killing himself) in German,
or 自(of oneself) and 殺(kill) in Chinese.
Suicide is a violent act of one, as the subject, committing over himself as the object.
It involves highly complicated nature of psychology.

In the attempt to defeat such circumscription,
I make in-depth research on real cases of suicide and make my own visual statements.
The result is surreal rather than rational.
It permits ambiguous experiences of fantasy like in a dream
and yet it is neither impetuous nor sumptuous an image.

I perform vicarious suicide on my work.
I set up the camera with a self timer and this artificial control of time
implies one’s own will over his or her own time in life in the act of suicide.
At the precise moment when the shutter closes and opens,
I experiences the rebirth of consciousness from this pseudo death
becomes the object of ritual again through which I refresh the relations with her surroundings.

In the end, this work leaves me with a question.
Suicide, why did they have to choose such a lonesome and secretive resort?

김소희 金昭姬
KIM, So Hee


dose ’em all

Studies on cocaine abusers in clinical settings report that more than half of such individuals experience paranoia and hallucinations. Even in community samples, the rates of psychotic experience are comparable. Among patients who attend psychiatric emergency services, nonschizophrenic cocaine abusers are reported to have as severe hallucinations as schizophrenic patients who do not abuse cocaine. Believing that their drug-using behaviour is being watched and they are being followed, hallucinations, in keeping with these delusions, are typical of cocaine-induced psychosis. This is so typical that it may be used as an important tool to differentiate it from schizophrenia. Presence or absence of Schneiderian first-rank symptoms can be another differentiating point between the two.

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